Essentia Health Patient Experience Surveys

Thank you for your interest in our patient experience survey! At Essentia Health we strive to help all we serve feel safe and cared for. To ensure we are meeting this goal, we survey our patients to learn more about their experience during their visit. We partner with Press Ganey, a leading third-party survey vendor, to administer these surveys which help us improve the safety, quality, and experience of patient care.

Survey Process

Patients who were seen in our clinics will receive a Medical Practice survey electronically from us within 24 hours following their visit. Patients will receive the survey in a text message/and or email message with the survey link. A patient may receive up to three messages inviting them to take the survey if they haven’t responded. Patients of all visits will receive surveys if they meet eligibility, however only survey ratings and responses from the Care Provider section of the Medical Practice survey will be posted to our website. Patients who have multiple visits with the same provider within a 90-day period will only receive one survey for that time period. For patients who are under the age of 18, the survey will be sent to the contact information on file whether it is the patient’s parent or the legal guardian’s information.

How Are the Star Ratings Collected and Calculated?

Patients are asked to rate their experience on a five-point scale based on various questions. The Provider Star ratings are based on a simple calculation from the questions within the Care Provider section which are listed below:

  1. Concern the Care Provider Showed for Your Question or Worries
  2. Explanations the Care Provider Gave You About Your Problem or Condition
  3. Care Provider’s Efforts to Include You in Decisions About Your Care
  4. Care Provider’s Discussion of Any Proposed Treatment (Options, Risks, Benefits, etc.)
  5. Likelihood of Your Recommending This Care Provider to Others

Why Do Some Providers Not Have Star Ratings and Comments on Their Profile?

We only survey at the provider level for clinic visits. All other visit types do not survey at the provider level, therefore a provider cannot receive a star rating. For example, emergency department providers would not be included. For providers who do practice in clinic areas, we only include star ratings for those who have had over 30 responses within the last 365 days to maintain statistically significant sample sizes to protect the integrity of the data.

Thank You for Your Feedback

We appreciate your time and feedback in completing your survey. By sharing your experience with us, we are able to learn areas of strengths and areas of opportunity which helps us continuously improve across the continuum of care together as an organization.