Interpreter Services

If you or your loved one is deaf or hard of hearing, or prefers to communicate in a language other than English, take advantage of Essentia Health’s free interpreter services.

Trusted, Professional Interpreters

Count on Essentia Health to provide experienced, professionally trained interpreters. That means you can feel confident that everything you and your health care team say is being relayed calmly, accurately, confidentially, and free of personal opinion or judgment.

How Are Interpreter Services Provided?

Depending on your location and language, interpreter services may be available:

  • In person
  • Over the phone, using a portable speaker to connect you and your providers with a spoken language interpreter
  • Through a video relay service, using a television or computer with a video camera device and a high-speed internet connection to connect with a sign language interpreter

Interpreter services are available 24/7 and at no cost to you.

Services in the Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin

At Essentia Health locations in Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation may be provided by a member of the Essentia Health staff either in person or via video relay service. In addition, all world languages are available through our partners at Clarity Interpreting Services. This service can be used as a secondary provider for ASL if the Essentia Health interpreter is unavailable.

Services in Central Minnesota

At Essentia Health locations in Central Minnesota, interpreter services are provided by our partners at LanguageLine Solutions and American Sign Language Interpreting Services.

Services in North Dakota and Western Minnesota

At Essentia Health locations in Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota, in-person interpreters are available in Spanish, Kurdish, Arabic, Somali and several other world languages through our partners at Family HealthCare. Additional services are provided via LanguageLine Solutions and American Sign Language Interpreting Services.

Contact Us

For general questions or concerns, please call the interpreter services in your area:

Ask for an Interpreter

If you need an interpreter, ask for one when you make your appointment. Or, in an emergency situation, tell the triage nurse that you or your loved one needs language assistance.


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