Emergency department at replacement St. Mary’s Medical Center streamlines patient care

July 12, 2023  By: Anthony Matt


As Essentia Health nears completion of the replacement St. Mary's Medical Center, we are proud to tell you about our state-of-the-art emergency department that will make the delivery of timely care even more efficient.

Our beautiful new ED was thoughtfully designed to treat patients with all types of emergencies, whether they need stitches or CPR.

Several elements within this space will enhance our ability to provide excellent, streamlined patient care, while respecting the dignity and privacy of the patients and families we are privileged to serve.

VNL EDSize: Our new ED is larger than the current space, offering 25,800 square feet and 40 private beds. The new ED has been designed to care for people who are experiencing all kinds of emergencies in a streamlined fashion, whether they are being treated for a stroke, trauma, heart attack, behavioral health episode or something else.

Technology: Advanced imaging (including CT, X-ray and ultrasound machines) is located within the ED itself. This allows our multi-disciplinary team to care for patients who require advanced imaging — including those with neurological, traumatic and orthopedic emergencies — more safely, more efficiently and with more privacy. When seconds count, having immediate access to advanced 21st-century imaging is a significant benefit to the people we serve.

Trauma patient care: We are proud to be the only Level I adult trauma center and the only Level II pediatric trauma center in the region. Both of these certifications will transfer from the legacy St. Mary’s Medical Center to the replacement hospital. These designations mean that we are ready at all times to care for people with traumatic injuries. We are proud to offer around-the-clock emergency medicine, including access to specialists. Our new ED is equipped with four upgraded trauma bays and the ability to expand to manage mass-casualty situations.

Helipad: The helipad at the replacement St. Mary’s improves patient care, especially when time is crucial. Thanks to our innovative design, patients will be transported directly from the helipad to the ED via a high-speed elevator.

Vision Northland Emergency RoomPsychiatric patient care: With the growing need for behavioral health care, and the unique requirements of these patients, we determined that having a wing specifically for this type of treatment, within the ED, not only fostered better care for our patients, but it will address the mental health crisis head-on.

Design: Our new ED is beautiful. It is modern, meticulously planned and adorned with artwork, soothing colors, higher ceilings and other calming design elements. The new layout also enhances privacy and dignity, with more private rooms as well as private entrances to trauma and psychiatric areas.

VNL EDThis carefully thought-out space at the replacement St. Mary’s will help us deliver the highest level of emergent care.

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