Weight Loss (Non-surgical)

Choose Essentia to help you safely lose weight, keep it off, and manage your weight-related health conditions. You’ll find all the services and support you need to make healthy changes and enhance your overall wellness.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss uses structured, evidence-based care to help you safely and effectively lose weight without surgery. You may benefit from medical weight loss if you have a body mass index (BMI) over 25, or a health condition that could improve with weight loss.

Calculate your BMI by entering your weight and height into the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery’s BMI calculator.

Medical Insight: Weight Loss Video Transcript

A gradient blue background features several Essentia logos. Text, Medical Insight.

SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health-care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health.

The host, Maureen Talarico, speaks to the camera.

MAUREEN TALARICO: Today on medical insight, general surgeon, Dr. Matthew Bettendorf, and medical weight-management specialist, Dr. Christine Depenthal, talk about medical waste management.

Dr. Matthew Bettendorf, general surgeon, speaks to the camera.

MATTHEW BETTENDORF: In the United States, many people struggle with her weight. If you look at the population, there is about 324 million people in the United States. Approximately 35% of those are overweight, about 35% are obese, and about 6% are morbidly obese, meaning they're about 100 pounds overweight or more. MAUREEN TALARICO: While surgery is still an option for high-risk patients, medical weight management is available for anyone struggling with weight issues.

Dr. Christine Depenthal, medical weight management specialist, speaks to the camera.

CHRISTINE DEPENTHAL: There are cases in which surgical weight management is an excellent option because of the severity of disease and the rapidity with which some of the disease process can be changed. But there is a very limited segment of population that really qualifies for this. And with medical weight management, we can intervene at a much earlier point and help, hopefully, prevent some of the diseases that come with weight gain. MAUREEN TALARICO: Medical weight management provides an individualized care plan and the ability to work with an entire team of health-care experts, including physicians, dieticians, psychologists, exercise physiologists, and more.

A woman is seen preparing a meal in a kitchen.

MATTHEW BETTENDORF: Weight loss starts with nutrition. So eating well is the key. In addition to that, you have to have some activity. Exercise is very important. And so in our program, we'll individualize the exercise regimen. But we recommend about 150 minutes per week, or about a half hour a day. CHRISTINE DEPENTHAL: If you teach a patient, you empower them to make their own decisions. And they're still going to make their own decisions every day. But at least they're going to know if the decision is good for them or if it's harmful. MAUREEN TALARICO: If you think medical weight management is for you, schedule an appointment with your doctor. For Medical Insight, I'm Maureen Talarico. SPEAKER: To learn more about this topic, call our experts at 786-3107.

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When to See a Specialist

Your primary care doctor may recommend weight management services to prevent disease or improve weight-related health conditions including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea

Conditions Treated

See the full list of conditions we treat, and select a condition to find providers and locations near you.


Start Your Weight-Loss Journey

Our weight management specialists will meet with you to identify your weight-loss needs and goals. During the meeting we will discuss:

  • Why you need and want to lose weight
  • Your healthy weight
  • Health, behavior, and lifestyle concerns that could affect your weight.

We'll answer your questions and help you decide the best weight-loss approach for you.

Customized Weight-Loss Plans

Your care team will work with you to develop an individualized weight-loss plan. Your plan may include:

  • Behavior changes
  • Healthful food choices
  • Exercise for your specific needs
  • Physical therapy
  • Progress checks

We'll educate, encourage, and support you through every step of your weight-loss journey.

Experienced, Sensitive Staff

From your initial appointment through follow-up care, our weight management team will work with you to support your success. Get personalized help from an experienced and compassionate team of:

Live a Healthy Life

Keep your new lifestyle to ensure long-term weight management success. Find follow-up care, weight-maintenance plans, and support groups to maintain your weight loss.

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