Substance Use Disorder

Content medically reviewed by: Joseph Bianco, MD

If you or a loved one are in need of care for substance use disorder, we can help.

Our team provides compassionate and personalized care for people with this chronic condition - including the use of alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine, marijuana, vaping, and tobacco.

When to Get Help

No one should struggle with addiction alone. Get help if drugs or alcohol:

  • Interfere with your daily activities
  • Impact your quality of life
  • Affect your physical, and mental health
  • Lead to withdrawal symptoms
  • Affect your relationships
  • Cause financial or legal problems

If you’re concerned about a loved one’s drug or alcohol use, talk to them about your concerns or contact Essentia for support.

If you or a loved one have symptoms of an overdose or serious withdrawal, call 911 or get medical attention right away. Withdrawing from alcohol and certain drugs, such as benzodiazepines, can be life-threatening.

Office-Based Opioid Treatment

Our team will meet with you in a clinic-based program to:

  • Screen and diagnose
  • Provide education regarding medication for opioid use disorder
  • Provide an individualized, patient-centered treatment plan to help with withdrawal symptoms
  • Connect patients to community resources
  • Help expand the care for patients alongside their primary care provider
  • Provide medication for opioid use disorder with Suboxone®

Frequently Asked Questions

What is substance use disorder? 

This is a long-term, relapsing brain disease. It leads to an urge to use drugs or alcohol in spite of the problems they cause. 

Does taking buprenorphine just replace one addiction for another? 

No. Taking buprenorphine does cause physical dependence. Abruptly stopping buprenorphine will cause withdrawal symptoms. 

I've finished detox and I do not plan to use opioids ever gain. Why should I start Medicine for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD)? 

Evidence shows that taking medicines for opioid use disorder more than doubles the chance that you will not use opioids while you are in treatment. 

Taking buprenorphine reduces your risk of overdose death. Many people report having a better life on MOUD treatment. 

I've heard stories that sometimes people sell or misuse their buprenorphine. Is this true? 

Yes, all medicines can be diverted or misused. Most people who take buprenorphine take it as prescribed. 

Giving away or selling your medicine is a crime. Ask your provider if you would like more information. 

What if I can't take part in all the treatment my provider recommends? 

Taking care of yourself is a priority. Please discuss any concerns with your provider. 

How can I convince my family members that buprenorphine will help? 

Your family may have concerns about buprenorphine. Family members are welcome to come with you to appointments. 

What if I need to speak with someone after the clinic is closed? 

Ask your provider about the best way to contact someone after hours. 

How do I know which type of medicine I should take? 

Talk with your provider. You will be asked many questions. Your answers help you and your provider choose what would work best for you. 

What if I can't afford my medical bills? 

Talk with your clinic about financial aid or a payment plan. Be sure to pay your clinic bill promptly. 

What if I do not have insurance? 

Ask your team about resources. They will connect you with someone who can help. 

Make an Appointment

Call the Essentia Health 24/7 Substance Use Disorder Referral Line at 833-677-1262.

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