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Construction Update: Summer 2022

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Vision Northland ceramic drywalls interior
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Construction crews are working on the following tasks:

  • There are over 650 construction workers on site daily, and 21% of the work force are of underrepresented demographics. More than 2 million works hours have been completed. Workers from 29 different states have worked on the replacement hospital.
  • The building is enclosed completely. Some temporary structures still remain, such as along the Second Street entrance, which will be replaced with permanent structures as construction continues.
  • Some exterior continues, focusing on masonry installation. Work on the ambulance garage and entrance to the emergency department is underway along First Street.
  • Interior work continues throughout, including installing drywall, ceramic tile and painting walls. Some floors, such as the emergency department on the 3rd floor and the surgery floor on the 7th floor, are nearing completion.
  • Decorative fixtures throughout the building are being installed.
  • Flooring materials are being placed throughout the building.
  • Installing plumbing as well as electrical and mechanical systems in the clinic tower.

Street closures

  • Fourth Avenue East is closed from Superior Street to East Second Street.
  • East First Street is closed from Fourth Avenue East to Seventh Avenue East, with limited access for service vehicles.

Access to Duluth Clinic's First Street Building

A skywalk from the city’s Medical District parking ramp allows patients and staff to safely pass through the construction site to the First Street clinic and Essentia Health’s medical campus. The skywalk is open only to patients and staff due to COVID-19 guidelines. All patients and staff must use a COVID-19 screening station in the clinic’s main lobby.

Access to Essentia Health-Duluth (Miller-Dwan) and the Duluth Clinic’s Second Street Building

All patients and visitors to these facilities are asked to park in the Green Ramp with entry on Third Street only. This ramp is adjacent to the Duluth Clinic’s Third Street Building and connected to the Second Street Building, Essentia Health-Duluth (Miller-Dwan) by skywalks. Find out more about the Second Street construction project.

Central Hillside

Do you live or work in Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood? Share what you would like to see in your community.

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