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Construction update: Week of Apr. 5th 

Picture of construction progress from the beginning of the week of April 5th, 2021

Construction crews are:

  • Demolishing a retaining wall and removing rock along the alley between Superior Street and First Street. A new retaining wall will be built.
  • Erecting structural steel and decking on the hospital tower between First and Second streets. Also pouring concrete floors on lower levels.
  • Installing exterior walls, brick, exterior glass, and the framework to hold glass curtain walls on the clinic tower between Superior Street and First Street.
  • Installing plumbing as well as electrical and mechanical systems in clinic tower. Also building interior walls and door frames.
  • Erecting elevators in the clinic tower.
  • Renovating the lab area in the Duluth Clinic’s First Street Building.
  • Installing sheetrock and painting walls for a new loading dock in the former parking garage below the Duluth Clinic’s First Street Building.

Street closures

  • One lane of East Second Street has been closed near the construction site, but the street remains open to traffic.
  • Fourth Avenue East is closed from Superior Street to East Second Street.
  • East First Street is closed from Fourth Avenue East to Seventh Avenue East, with limited access for service vehicles.

Access to Duluth Clinic's First Street Building

A skywalk from the city’s Medical District parking ramp allows patients and staff to safely pass through the construction site to the First Street clinic and Essentia Health’s medical campus. The skywalk is open only to patients and staff due to COVID-19 guidelines. The clinic’s main entrance remains open but the sidewalk along First Street is closed through the construction site. All patients and staff must use a COVID-19 screening station in the clinic’s main lobby.

Access to Essentia Health-Duluth (Miller-Dwan) and the Duluth Clinic’s Second Street Building

All traffic enters the driveway at the stoplight at the intersection of East Second Street and Fifth Avenue East.

Parking Ramp has been demolished

The Blue Parking Ramp at the corner of Fourth Avenue East and East Second Street has been demolished. Parking is available in the nearby Green Ramp in the 500 block of East Second Street and the city’s Medical District ramp at the corner of Fourth Avenue East and East First Street.

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