Sleep Study Lab

Work with the Essentia Health sleep medicine team to get a complete evaluation of your sleep. A sleep study, or polysomnography, is a painless overnight test that measures how well you sleep and records your body’s activity while you sleep. These studies help your doctor evaluate your behaviors during sleep and diagnose disorders—including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and restless leg syndrome.

Sleep Accommodations

Choose an Essentia sleep lab to perform a comfortable, stress-free study. You will stay in a hotel-like bedroom with a private bathroom and shower. Your room will have a comfortable queen-size bed, not a hospital bed. You’ll be able to control the temperature, watch cable TV, and have access to Wi-Fi.

Prepare for Your Study

Get ready for your night in the sleep lab as if you’re spending a night in a hotel. Arrive at the lab with dry hair for your study. Bring:

  • Your completed sleep questionnaire
  • Medications for your stay
  • Two-piece pajama set (no silk or tight-fitting pajamas or nightgowns)
  • Personal toiletries and toothbrush

We supply towels, soap, shampoo, pillows, and bedding. If you bring a cell phone, please turn it off to avoid disrupting your study.

What to Expect

Count on our care team to put you at ease when you arrive at the sleep lab. Your technologist will explain the sleep study process, answer your questions, and may ask you to fill out a short questionnaire.

In your private room, you’ll change into your pajamas and prepare for sleep. When you’re ready, your technologist will apply small sensors on your head, chest, abdomen, and legs. The sensors connect you to a monitoring system.

Once you go to sleep, a technologist will monitor and record your:

  • Brain waves
  • Breathing
  • Eye movement
  • Heart rate
  • Leg movement
  • Muscle movement
  • Oxygen levels
  • Snoring

You'll be able to talk with your sleep technologist through a voice-activated intercom if you need help or want to use the bathroom during the night.

Your technologist will wake you in the morning and remove the sensors. You’ll fill out another short questionnaire about how you slept. You can take a shower and dress for work at the sleep lab, and we provide coffee and juice.

Your doctor will evaluate your sleep data. Expect study results and next steps from your doctor within a week.

Home Sleep Studies

In some cases, you may be able to complete your sleep study at home. Ask your doctor if you qualify for a home sleep study to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). You’ll wear a portable monitor you set up to collect information about how you breathe during sleep.

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a referral from a sleep medicine doctor for a sleep study at Essentia Health.

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