Podiatric Surgery

Get back on your feet with podiatric surgery at Essentia Health. You’ll gain access to experts with years of training in foot and ankle surgery. Trust our experienced team to help you achieve the best results from care.

Surgical Treatments

Whenever possible, your podiatry surgeon will take a minimally invasive approach that uses small incisions. This means you’ll recover faster with less pain and scarring. Below are the more common procedures we perform.

  • Ankle arthroscopy – Requires a tiny camera and only a small incision for doctors to treat a variety of ankle problems
  • Ankle stabilization – Repairs torn ligaments after a sprain
  • Bone spur surgery – Removes a bony, painful growth on the foot
  • Bunionectomy – Removes a bony, painful bump on the big toe, and straightens out the big toe
  • Clubfoot repair – Straightens a child’s foot
  • Debridement – Takes out unhealthy tissue so a diabetic foot ulcer or another foot wound can heal
  • Flatfoot reconstruction – Eases pain and helps your foot work better if its arches are too low
  • Fracture repair – Puts a broken foot or ankle bone back in place so it can heal
  • Hammer, claw, or mallet toe surgery – Makes a toe look right and feel better
  • Ingrown toenail surgery – Takes out part of a toenail poking into the skin
  • Neuroma excision – Removes a swollen nerve to relieve pain
  • Plantar fasciotomy – Releases tissue to relieve plantar fasciitis
  • Tendon repair – Puts a torn tendon back together
  • Toe amputation – Removes a badly infected part of the toe
  • Partial foot amputation - Removes a badly infected part of the foot

Total Ankle Replacement

If your ankle arthritis pain won’t go away, ask your podiatrist about total ankle replacement surgery. This procedure exchanges your worn-out joint for a long-lasting artificial one. Afterward, you should feel less pain and be able to move your ankle up and down.

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