Pain Medicine

Pain—whether acute or chronic—can negatively impact your job and relationships as well as your physical and mental well-being. Our pain medicine experts treat all kinds of pain including headaches, joint pain, and back pain. Trust our specialists to work with you to create a customized treatment plan and provide you with knowledge you need to manage your pain and find relief.

What’s a Pain Medicine Doctor?

A pain medicine specialist is a physiatrist (sometimes called a physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) doctor) or anesthesiologist who has specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of pain.

When to See a Specialist

Talk to your primary care doctor if pain prevents you from doing or enjoying your daily activities. They may refer you to a pain medicine specialist who will work with you to create a personalized care plan that may include:

Conditions Treated

See the full list of conditions we treat, and select a condition to find providers and locations near you.


Your First Appointment

Please bring a list of the current medications you take, and their doses, to your first appointment. You can also bring a family member for support if you wish. During your first visit, your pain medicine doctor will:

  • Physically examine you
  • Ask how your pain affects your ability to do things you want to do
  • Review previous pain treatments, such as drugs, injections, physical therapy, or surgery
  • Discuss your goals for care
  • Explain your treatment options
  • Work with you to develop a personalized care plan.

Team-Based Approach

Benefit from the expertise of specialists working together with you and your primary care doctor. Depending on your condition and needs, your team may include:

Pain Rehabilitation

If medical treatments aren’t effective, your doctor may recommend learning how to manage chronic pain through exercises, therapies, and education.

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a referral from your primary care provider or a specialist for this service.

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