Resources for Student Athletes & Coaches

Each year, Essentia Health donates more than $750,000 in orthopedics and sports medicine services to our communities.

Stay at the top of your game with help from the sports medicine specialists and athletic trainers at Essentia Health. Whether you’re a student athlete, parent, or coach, take advantage of these resources to stay safe and prevent injuries.

Sports Physicals

Before you start a new sport or a new sports season, visit your primary care provider for a sports physical. During this exam you’ll learn:

  • Whether it’s safe for you to participate in a sport
  • How to protect yourself from injuries
  • How to play safely with a medical condition or chronic illness

Prevent Sports Injuries

Get regular exams and prompt medical care when you need it to help prevent a season- or career-ending injury.

Self-Care for Minor Injuries

If you experience a minor sports injury, remember the acronym PRICE to administer safe, effective treatment at home for 24 to 72 hours:

  • P – Protect the injured body part from further harm
  • R – Rest and take time off or remove yourself from play
  • I – Ice the affected area—the larger the area, the longer you need to ice it
  • C – Compression-wrap the injured area from the point furthest from the body to the closest (for example, wrist to elbow or ankle to knee) and not tight enough to cut off circulation
  • E – Elevate by raising the injured area above the heart

Athletic Training

Caring for Concussions

Learn about the signs and symptoms of concussions and possible treatments.

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