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Get back in the game sooner with high-quality care from the sports medicine specialists at Essentia Health. Benefit from our expertise in preventing and treating pain, injuries, or other conditions caused by playing sports or exercising.

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When you choose Essentia, you’ll receive care from the same sports medicine team that professional and student athletes throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin depend on to stay off the sidelines. See a list of the more than 250 teams who receive health and wellness services from Essentia’s board-certified athletic trainers and team physicians.

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Get a streamlined care plan individualized to your health and goals. Exercise, physical therapy, medications, and other nonsurgical treatments can help you heal and prevent further damage. If you need surgery, you’ll be referred to an orthopedic surgeon.

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Visit one of our convenient locations near you for diagnostic services if have an injury or you’re dealing with chronic symptoms related to your active lifestyle.

The Best Way to Prepare for an Athletic Event

Get tips for exercising, ideas for warm-ups, and more from Dr. Dan Ostlie.

The Best Way to Prepare for an Athletic Event - Essentia Health Video Transcript

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DR. DAN OSTLIE: My name is Dan Ostlie. I'm a physician in the Department of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine at Essential Health in Fargo. I chose to go into medicine in general, just because I love how science interacts and the technology that we have available at this time. And I love the human aspect of medicine, being able to combine cutting edge science with helping others is pretty cool, pretty cool job to have.

Text, What tips do you have about exercise? Essentia Health

The more that you enjoy an activity, the more likely you are to do it for the long haul. And certainly, in orthopedics, we would love you to pick an activity that is near and dear to you that you enjoy, that you can do on a regular basis, that's fun. It should be fun. Certainly, walking is one of the better exercises that most of us can do. And maybe it's golfing. Maybe it's tennis. But if you can find something you enjoy and do it regularly, it'll certainly serve you well over the long haul for your joint health and also just overall medical health.

What question do you get asked frequently? Essentia Health

I'll often get a question asking about preparing for an athletic event or for an activity and we do like you to do an active warmup beforehand. And that could be as simple as brisk walking, maybe jogging or jumping rope or riding a stationary bike even. But getting your muscles moving and certainly getting your heart racing a little bit will help you for the activity. And then, when you're done with the activity, a cooldown period, where you do some more static stretching and those types of activities are great to do after the activity as you're cooling down.

What is one piece of simple advice? Essentia Health

Just do it. We would love you to stay active. We would love you to stay moving. Use it or lose it, I just would say, if you can stay active and be involved with activities that enjoy improves your quality of life, but also keeps your joints moving.

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