Orthopedic Prevention & Wellness

Stay active, eat a nutritious diet, and make healthy lifestyle choices to protect and strengthen your bones and joints. If you have joint pain, arthritis, or another condition, ask the orthopedic specialists at Essentia Health for personalized recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Exercise for Healthy Joints

Be active to keep joint pain at bay. Partner with a doctor or advanced practitioner at Essentia to create an exercise plan customized to your abilities, goals, and preferences. Essentia Health’s fitness centers offer a wide range of equipment and activity options.

Use an exercise log [PDF] to keep track of your workouts.

Exercise to Relieve Joint Pain

Exercises for joint pain [PDF] can help you increase your flexibility and relieve stiffness. Weight training exercises [PDF] can help strengthen your joints.

Workout Playlists

Music can help you stay motivated and maintain a steady pace while you work out. Listen to these exercise playlists [PDF] or create your own on your favorite music app.

Joint Care for Runners

Give your joints time to recover after you run so you can decrease your risk of injuries. Read our runner’s recovery guide [PDF] to learn how to get back on your feet a race (such as a 5K, 10K, or marathon) or a running injury (like shin splints or runner’s knee).

Foods for Healthy Bones & Joints

Talk to a dietitian at Essentia Health for help creating a customized meal plan. Choose foods that contain antioxidants (such as fresh fruits and vegetables) and fatty acids (such as nuts, whole grains, and beans) to help relieve pain and promote joint health.

Learn more about healthy meal planning [PDF] and foods that can reduce inflammation [PDF]. Keep a food journal [PDF] to track what you’re eating and make beneficial choices.

Foods that Trigger Joint Pain

For better joint health, reduce or eliminate certain foods—such as those that are high in saturated fat or artificial sweeteners—that may worsen joint pain. Learn more about foods to avoid [PDF].

Lose Weight to Ease Strain on Joints

Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight if you’re overweight can reduce joint pain. A weight management expert can help you lose weight safely.

Tips for Healthy Joints

Improve your health and manage symptoms of an orthopedic condition by getting enough sleep, finding healthy ways to manage stress, and spending time with friends and family.

Make Working Out Fun

Tell your friends and family members about your health goals. Working out or playing sports with friends can keep you motivated and turn exercise into a social activity. You may also want to find new friends who share your fitness goals.

Stay Comfortable When Traveling

Bone and joint conditions may make it hard for you to travel. If you have chronic pain, learn about how to stay comfortable while travelling [PDF] in an airplane or car, or while staying at a hotel.

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