Orthopedic Surgery

Benefit from personalized care and the latest techniques and technology when you choose Essentia Health for orthopedic surgery. At our facilities, you can access a wide range of treatments from a team of skilled surgeons.

What’s an Orthopedic Surgeon?

An orthopedic surgeon has been educated and trained in the diagnosis and pre-surgical, surgical, and post-surgical treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. This includes bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons.

Conditions Treated

See the full list of conditions we treat, and select a condition to find providers and locations near you.


Specialists & Subspecialists

While all orthopedic surgeons are trained in the musculoskeletal system, Essentia has several orthopedic surgery subspecialists who have additional training related to specific parts of the body. We also have surgical subspecialists in trauma, sports medicine, and orthopedic oncology.

Do I Need Surgery?

Your doctor may recommend orthopedic surgery if non-surgical treatments—like lifestyle changes, physical therapy, or medications—don’t effectively control your symptoms. Your care team will explain your treatment options and help you choose the procedure that’s best for you.

Types of Orthopedic Surgery

The type of procedure your doctor recommends depends on your condition. Rely on our specialists and subspecialists for treatments like:

Orthopedic Oncology

Learn about orthopedic oncology from Essentia's Orthopedic Oncologist, Dr. Anne Normand.

Foot and Ankle Care

We examine foot and ankle repairs performed by the medical professionals at Essentia Health.

Medical Insight: Foot and Ankle - Essentia Health

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SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health-care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health. Here's your host, Louie St. George. LOUIE ST. GEORGE: Today on Medical Insight, Essentia Health orthopedic surgeon, Jefferson Davis, talks about treating troublesome feet and ankles, which could involve fusing a joint or complete reconstruction. JEFFERSON DAVIS:

Dr. Jefferson Davis, Orthopedic Surgeon.

Obviously, we walk every day, and we're on our feet most of the days-- most of us are-- and a lot of these people have disabling pain and they just can't deal with. Our bodies aren't made to last forever. They wear out, tendons wear out, the tendons that hold up our arches wear out, our feet get flat some with time. People have sporting injuries, twist their ankle, rupture their ligaments. Those sometimes need to be reconstructed. I see quite a few people for flatfoot-- progressive flat-- and their arches fall, and they're having increasing pain. I see a lot of people for what they call "Haglund's deformity," or a bump on their heel that's rubbing on their Achilles tendon and causing a lot of pain in their heel. I also see a lot of people for ligament instability of their ankle. LOUIE ST. GEORGE: Dr. Davis says technology has made the procedures he performs much more precise. JEFFERSON DAVIS: They are computer guided, in that we take a CT of the ankle before we do the ankle replacement. We send it away, and they make specialized jigs that just fit onto that person's anatomy, and that enables us to put pins in the exact places, take those jigs off, and put on the regular cutting blocks that we cut the bone with. And it cuts it very precisely. It's better than anything when you have a patient that's happy and has had a good result. There's no replacement for that. So yeah, that's why I do this. LOUIE ST. GEORGE: For Medical Insight, I'm Louie St. George.

Text, Medical Insight.

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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Whenever possible, your surgeon uses techniques that are less invasive than traditional surgery. This means you may have a faster recovery with less pain, smaller scars, and a lower risk of complications.

Postoperative Care

Your Essentia care team will help you recover after orthopedic surgery. Your recovery plan may include Rehabilitation services, such as physical and occupational therapy.

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