Hip & Knee Replacement

When hip pain or knee pain disrupts your daily life, get moving again with expert joint replacement care at Essentia Health. Depend on us to help you choose the best treatment for your needs and goals. We provide support from your initial consultation all the way through your recovery.

Benefit from the specialized skills and knowledge of an experienced joint replacement team. Collectively, our providers care for almost 2,000 people having hip replacement or knee replacement in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin each year.

Specialists & Subspecialists

While all orthopedic specialists are trained in hip and knee surgery, subspecialists have extra training in hip and knee joint replacement.

Exceptional Outcomes

Regain independence and return to the activities you enjoy. Choose Essentia for hip or knee replacement that helps you heal faster with less pain.

What to Expect

Whenever possible, your doctor will recommend nonsurgical treatments for joint pain first. If you and your orthopedist decide surgery is your best option, rely on us to help you prepare for joint replacement surgery. We'll help set the stage for a smooth recovery.

After surgery, you may recover in an area of the hospital dedicated to patients like you who have had joint replacement. Your care team will cheer you on as they help you get you back to doing things you haven’t been able to do in a long time. Learn more about recovering from joint replacement surgery.

Advanced, Minimally Invasive Options

Your orthopedic surgeon will tell you if you qualify for a minimally invasive knee or hip replacement procedure. With a minimally invasive joint replacement, your surgeon makes shorter cuts. They also use special surgical instruments to prepare your joint and place your implant.

Surgery will affect less of your tissue. You should also have less pain, smaller scars, and a quicker recovery.

Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery in Duluth-Superior Region

If you need joint replacement surgery, ask if you qualify for Mako TM Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery. The Mako TM System offers advanced surgical care for half knee or total hip or knee replacement. Essentia Health-St. Mary's Medical Center is the first hospital in the region to offer this robotic technology.

How It Works

Using a CT scan-based 3D model of your bones, your surgeon will put together a detailed surgery plan. During surgery, your surgeon will precisely guide the robotic arm according to your plan and make adjustments if needed. This approach often leads to a more predictable surgery and better outcomes.

Patient Story

Learn about Tom Cornelison, the first knee replacement patient to benefit from Mako TM Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery.

Nationally Recognized Care

You can feel confident that you’ll get safe, high-quality joint replacement care at Essentia Health. Our major joint replacement centers are recognized as Blue Distinction Centers or Blue Distinction Centers+ for Knee and Hip Replacement by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. The Joint Commission has also certified Essentia Health-St. Joseph's Medical Center (Brainerd) in hip and knee replacement. Learn more about the location closest to you:

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