Occupational Medicine

Keep your workers healthy and productive with occupational medicine services from Essentia Health. 

What's an Occupational Medicine Doctor?

An occupational medicine doctor has specialized training in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses.

Medical Insight: Occupational Medicine Video Transcript

SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health. Here's your host, Anthony Matt.

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ANTHONY MATT: Essentia Health's occupational medicine specialists are always standing by to help employees stay healthy and to help navigate those tricky workplace injuries.


STEFAN KAISER: The best way to think of us is work doctors. So we take care of everything that happens around work. If someone gets injured on the job, they typically come see us and we help treat them. ANTHONY MATT: Dr. Stefan Kaiser says the goal is to help walk employees and employers through the insurance system, government regulations, and medical assessments while ensuring a safe and healthy return to work. STEFAN KAISER: We offer same day appointments. So sort of like an urgent care scenario, where somebody can get instant access. And we provide the medical evaluation, we provide return-to-work status, and then any ongoing medical care, follow up care, that's necessary. ANTHONY MATT: That's all done with a team of highly trained and educated specialists working to find solutions for anything that inhibits the ability of an employee to do their job. STEFAN KAISER: We can help out by getting some of our specialists in to help with accommodations. For example, somebody with back pain may need help with getting a sit-to-stand desk. And work with that employer to make sure that that's acceptable and that will help enhance what they're having difficulty doing at work. We understand the role of communication not only between the physician or the provider, but back to the employer, as well, and to the insurer. In other words, there is a multi-party relationship there in order for this to go successfully. ANTHONY MATT: Dr. Kaiser says the process can be very complex to navigate, but they are there to help. Anyone with any questions can call an occupational medicine provider to see if they can help with anything that might be setting an employee back at work.

Medical Insight.

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Keeping Your Employees Healthy

Partner with us to make the most of your company’s most valuable resources—your employees. Count on us for:

  • Understand regulatory compliance issues
  • Coordinate medical care from the doctor’s office to the workplace
  • Decrease workers compensation costs
  • Get sick or injured employees back to work as quickly and safely as possible
  • Put the right employees in the right jobs

Work Injury Care

Caring for employees who have been injured on the job is one of our areas of expertise. Our priority is the employee’s recovery by providing exceptional medical treatment.

We understand that it’s imperative for injured workers to recover fully and return to work as soon as possible. We put patient care first, while understanding the importance of keeping the employer and insurance carrier informed of treatment and progress.

  • Same day work injury care
  • Workability report completed at time of appointment
  • Physical therapy services
  • Work hardening programs
  • Return-to-work programs
  • Functional capacity evaluations

Pre-employment Physicals

A medical exam to ensure the candidate is physically and mentally fit for the job, and to prevent future workplace injuries.

  • Vision testing
  • Audiogram testing
  • Immunizations
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Pulmonary function testing
  • Respirator clearance and/or fit testing
  • Pre-work screening based on job demands


Meeting regulatory agency guidelines for:

  • NRCME certified providers
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Respirator clearance and fit testing
  • ADA consultations
  • Reasonable suspicion training

Injury Prevention

Identify workplace risks and improve employee safety through worksite assessments, education, and coaching.

  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Training programs
  • Job site analysis
  • Return to work exams
  • Fitness for duty exams
  • Functional job descriptions and physical demands
  • Stretching programs

Health and Wellness

Services are available at your place of business or in clinic to keep your employees healthy and productive and to reduce healthcare costs.

  • Health screening
  • Flu shots and immunizations
  • Audiograms
  • Custom fit ear plugs
  • Chemical exposure testing
  • Exercise education
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Ergonomic assessments and recommendations
  • Training in proper movement and posture
  • Industrial consultation services

Walk-in Services

Send your employees to select clinics for timely job-related health care.

  • Work comp injury management
  • DOT exams
  • Drug and alcohol testing

Team-Based Care

Depending on your location and needs, your occupational medicine team may include:

  • Occupational medicine doctors
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Certified athletic trainers

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