Bonding With Your Newborn

At Essentia Health, you’ll enjoy care that supports parent-baby bonding from the moment you welcome your little one to the world.

Baby-Friendly Care

When you choose to give birth at Essentia Health, feel confident you’re delivering at a hospital that supports mother-baby bonding and your choice to breastfeed. That’s because all our birthing centers follow practices outlined by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. This is a global program launched by the World Health Organization and United National Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Golden Hour After Birth

Spend the first hour after your baby is born snuggling and getting to know each other. During “the golden hour,” you’ll hold your baby on your chest and, if you choose, try breastfeeding. When you and your baby are undisturbed during this special time, you may benefit from:

  • A stronger mother-baby bond
  • An easier transition to the world for your newborn
  • More stable heart rate, breathing, and temperature for your newborn after birth
  • Release of hormones that help your body heal faster
  • Earlier and longer breastfeeding

Count on your birth care team to help limit visitors during this special time with your newborn.

Skin-to-Skin Care

During your hospital stay, your care team will encourage you or your partner to hold your diaper-clad baby to your chest. This is called skin-to-skin care and helps your baby:

  • Get to know you better
  • Cry less
  • Breastfeed more
  • Gain more weight
  • Maintain a steadier heartbeat and breathing rate
  • Sleep better


Unless your baby needs special medical attention, your newborn will stay in your hospital room with you. Rooming-in with your baby allows you to:

  • Detect your baby’s signs of hunger
  • Breastfeed more often and on demand
  • Have more time to practice skin-to-skin care
  • Gain confidence in caring for your newborn

Your care team is always readily available nearby to provide help whenever you or your baby need it.

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