Healthy kidneys clean your blood and make hormones to keep your bones strong and your blood healthy. When your kidneys don’t work properly or you experience kidney failure, you’ll need dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Dialysis does the work your healthy kidneys used to do. It purifies your blood by removing waste and excess fluid from your body. Regular dialysis sessions help you live better.

While Essentia Health does not own and operate a dialysis service, our nephrologists work in collaboration with outside providers to oversee patient care. These providers often rent space at Essentia facilities.

Types of Dialysis

Your kidney doctor will recommend the type of dialysis that will work best for you:

  • Hemodialysis – Pumps blood out of your body to a dialyzer, also called an artificial kidney, to clean your blood and return it to your body
  • Peritoneal dialysis – Uses the inside lining of your belly to naturally filter your blood and washes waste out of your belly in cycles with a cleansing fluid called dialysate

Home Dialysis

Depending on your motivation, support, and home environment, you may choose to give yourself dialysis treatments at home. Essentia staff will train and guide you on home dialysis.

Continuous Renal Therapy

If your hospitalized and can’t tolerate regular dialysis treatments, continuous renal therapy (CRT) provides slow, gentle dialysis over 24 hours.