Hospice Care

If you or a loved one is facing a life-limiting illness, choose Essentia Health for hospice services and receive exceptional, compassionate care at home or close to your community in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

What’s Hospice Care?

The goal of hospice is to support and care for individuals who are dying of incurable disease so that people may live as fully and comfortably as possible. Hospice recognizes dying as part of the normal process of living, and focuses on maintaining quality of life and dignity. Hospice affirms life, it neither hastens nor postpones death. Patients and families can access hospice care without a physician referral.

Medical Insight: Hospice Care Video Transcript

SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health.

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MAUREEN TALARICO: Today on Medical Insight, Dr. Keith Peterson talks about hospice care and the Solvay Hospice House.

Dr. Peterson sits in a chair with a stethoscope around his neck

DR. KEITH PETERSON: Hospice is really a philosophy of care. So it's for people who have a terminal illness or advanced illness with a limited life expectancy. Hospice is a program that supports people so that they can hopefully stay in their own home and live where they want to live. And it really is focused on caring for the whole person and also supporting the family. So the there's a term called honoring choices, which is what hospice tries to do. So we try to have people understand treatment options, and then kind of think about what they're hoping to achieve. With their life, what's important to them or what's most important to them with how much time they have left. And there isn't really a right or wrong choice. MAUREEN TALARICO: Patients can receive hospice care at home or at Solvay Hospice House. Solvay was built by the Miller Dwan Foundation, and care is provided by the Essentia Health St. Mary's hospice team. DR. KEITH PETERSON: They really tried to build a place that, as much as can be, peaceful and if possible, a healing environment in terms of making people better and curing the disease, but in terms of helping people deal with grief and difficult things at end of life. We'll often have a lot of family here, gathered in the kitchen, you know, around the patient's room and we have people, you know, using the barbecue and barbecuing favorite meals for their loved one.

Living room with cozy furniture. A covered dish of cookies

There's a swing out there. People take a walk, and people come in and give massages. MAUREEN TALARICO: Physicians, patients, and family members can refer into hospice care. Dr. Petersen recommends that people address the kind of care they may need when they are healthy and feel good. For Medical Insight, I'm Maureen Talarico.

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Hospice Services

Rely on Essentia for resources, attention, and care personalized to you and your loved ones’ needs. Receive any or all the following:

  • Companionship from trained volunteers
  • Education
  • Family support
  • Medical supply, equipment, and medication management
  • Nursing care
  • Nutritional support
  • Pain and symptom management (also known as palliative care)
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Spiritual counseling

Your Hospice Care Team

You and your family will be the focus of a care team that includes your primary care doctor, nurses, social workers, and counselors.

Home Hospice Care & Hospice Centers

Receive hospice care in the setting that’s best for you and your family. Essentia Health provides care throughout Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin in:

If you move from one living situation to another, count on the hospice team at Essentia Health to support your transition so you continue to receive exceptional care.

Support for Caregivers

If you’re caring for a loved one receiving hospice care, lean on Essentia’s skilled professionals for:

  • Education and information you need to make difficult end-of-life decisions
  • Emotional support
  • Grief and bereavement support
  • Help caring for your loved one at home or in a health care facility
  • Respite services

Hospice Care Costs

Many private health insurance plans cover hospice care, and Essentia Health accepts the following insurance. If you or your loved one is over 65, you’re entitled to hospice services through the Medicare Hospice Benefit. Medicaid covers hospice care in many cases.

You can count on the staff at Essentia to explain your financial options and provide billing support services.

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