Mobile Medicine (Long-Term Care)

If you or a loved one are living in a long-term care center, trust Essentia’s mobile medicine team to deliver personalized medical care right when and where you need it. We work in collaboration with our patients, their families, and the nurses and staff who provide day-to-day care at your facility to make sure you’re getting the most complete care possible.

What's a Mobile Medicine Provider?

Mobile Medicine providers are physicians and advanced practitioners who have training in the areas of family medicine, internal medicine, or geriatric medicine. They only care for older adults who are short or long-term residents of nursing homes, and in some cases, assisted living facilities.

Frequency of Mobile Medicine Visits

Our mobile medicine providers deliver the care you need at your long-term care center. In most cases, a mobile medicine provider will visit:

  • Within the first 30 days after you move in or sooner. During your first visit, a doctor will gather information about your medical and social background. They’ll do a physical exam, review and order medications and labs, and ensure your care plan fits your needs.
  • Once a month for the first three months of your stay for follow-up visits and once every two months thereafter. These visits involve making changes to your initial care plan as needed.
  • For specific health problems that need regular attention, like wound care to make sure the wound is healing.
  • To address new health problems as they arise.

Primary Care

At some facilities, you can request to make your mobile medicine provider your primary care provider. Then, you can get primary care services without leaving the facility.

Family Care Conference

If your loved one is in a skilled nursing facility, we encourage you to attend a family care conference. You’ll learn about any challenges your loved one is facing and help problem solve with the staff. Ask about conference dates at your facility.

Request Mobile Medicine Services

The staff and nurses at your facility can request mobile medicine services on your behalf.

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