Cancer Clinical Trials

One of your best cancer treatment options may be a clinical trial. Essentia gives you access to dozens of trials that test promising new therapies not yet widely available.

Access to Pioneering Cancer Trials Video Transcript


Text, Cancer Clinical Trials. Here with Liz, Here with you. A woman walks on a pier among seagulls

LIZ GLEASON: My name is Liz Gleason. I am a cancer survivor. Seven years.

Liz feeds seagulls

The more positive outcomes of having a Stage 2 diagnosis was being introduced to Diane Nelson and being introduced to clinical trials. DIANE NELSON: I'm Diane Nelson. I'm a clinical research nurse, AND I work with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. What I do is for all the new patients that come in as a consult, I screen to see if they're eligible for any clinical trials. And then that information is given to the physician that they're seeing. And if the physician feels that one of those trials is a good fit for the patient, then I go in and I talk to them about the trial, what it entails. When Liz first came in, she was concerned, like everybody else is, with how things are going to go. She reached out to not only the oncologist that Liz had, but also her surgeon and to me. And we talk through it all. She ended up not only doing one trial, Liz has been on three trials. LIZ GLEASON: They have really given me something to focus on in a positive way to get through my cancer treatments. KENNETH DORNFELD: I'm Kenneth Dornfeld, I'm a radiation oncologist. I've been at Essentia for about seven or eight years. Cancer is a major challenge in health care. It obviously has a big impact on people's lives. The research program here at Essentia is really quite advanced, and is one of those strong points of our cancer program. Research allows us to embrace the current state of the field. And with other colleagues and institutions, try and reach out to what the next step will be and trying to create better treatments for tomorrow. LIZ GLEASON: You could either be a person who survives or you could be Liz that helped somebody else learn something. And that's what I focused on. You hear those words, here with you and you think of comfort, and you think of support. Those kinds of things that you would think of maybe a good friend.

Liz and the medical team standing together. The Essentia Health logo appears, consisting of three leaves in a circle. Text, Essentia Health. Here with you.

Advanced Treatment Options

Our research is conducted using nationally recognized clinical trials, which offer cancer patients and high-risk populations opportunities to participate in research on cancer treatment and prevention. We have access to these trials through grants from the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP).

Our participation in NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) means that our oncologists have access to the very latest cancer prevention and treatment research and can use this knowledge to help patients.

Participating in a Clinical Trail

Talk to your cancer doctor if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial. They'll help determine if you qualify for a research study and talk with you about everything it involves. Your doctor will also continue to oversee your care while you're enrolled in a clinical trial. 

Learn More About Research

Learn more about clinical trials at Essentia and things to consider when deciding whether to participate.

Interested in Participating in a Clinical Research Study?

Search our research studies directory.

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