Financial Aid for Oral Cancer Medicines

New chemotherapy drugs and supportive care medicines are now in pill form. They're more convenient for patients, but the cost can be high.

Your prescription drug plan may cover part of the cost of your pills. Other medicines may be billed to the major medical part of your insurance plan.

It's best to have your cancer medicines filled at a pharmacy that specializes in these medicines.

Financial Concerns

You may have concerns about how to afford your cancer medicine. Or you may be wondering what to do if your insurance does not cover the cost of your medicine.

Below is some helpful information.

Financial Aid Programs

  • Many major drug companies have financial aid programs. They may provide your medicines at little or no cost if you qualify. It is part of their charitable giving.
  • There are also co-pay assistance foundations that can help with the cost of your medicines. The type of help varies from one company to another. The company may need a note from your doctor that shows your need for the drug.
  • The drug company will need to know about your health insurance, your income, and how many people are in your household. Each drug company has its own application form.

We may be able to assist you with checking your insurance coverage and helping you apply for help with your co-pays if you need it.

Talk to your oncologist or call your cancer center and ask about working with an Essentia Health Cancer Center Reimbursement Specialist.

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