Preparing for Your Visit

During this time, we understand you may feel uneasy about coming in for care. That's why we're taking extra precautions to keep you safe.

Watch our video to see what we're doing to make care safe during COVID-19.

How to Prepare

Wear your own mask

Wearing a mask limits the spread of germs and helps conserve our health care grade personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline caregivers.

Universal masking is in effect at all our facilities, which means everyone is required to wear a mask - patients, visitors, caregivers, and staff.

Follow visitor guidelines

To prevent the spread of the virus, please follow these visitor guidelines.

Bring your own smartphone or tablet

Having a smartphone or tablet allows us to connect with you over the phone or online through MyChart to help limit in-person interaction.

You can also check-in online for your appointment and fill out questionnaires right on your phone through MyChart. If you're not a MyChart user, get started by creating a MyChart account.

Be ready for screening

To protect our patients and staff, we've implemented COVID-19 screening. Upon entering, be ready to answer screening questions.

This screening applies to everyone, including our caregivers and staff.

Find information about the designated entrances at our downtown Duluth, MN campus.

Additional Safety Measures

We've improved our existing safety measures, as well as implemented new strategies to make our clinics and hospitals as safe as possible.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

We're committed to keeping you safe through:

  • Rigorous hand hygiene
  • Redesigned common areas to ensure social distancing
  • Cleaning/disinfecting common waiting areas and following social distancing guidelines
  • Following meticulous room disinfection guidelines against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
  • Cleaning each exam room after each visit with our standard disinfection products that are active against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases
  • Expanded COVID-19 testing for patients scheduled for a treatment or procedure to ensure it's safe to continue with their appointment
  • Restricted designated floors/units specifically to care for patients with COVID-19
  • Converted COVID-19 hospital rooms to create negative air pressure with special filters and increased the number of air exchanges per hour to limit exposure to the virus in the air

Ready to Care For You

While the way we're delivering care has changed during this time, our desire to care for you has not.

Together, with these precautions, we can care for you in the safest way possible.