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Count on Essentia Health to help keep you and your community healthy. We deliver high-quality health care close to home in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

While traditional health care focuses on treatment after you become ill, Essentia offers wellness programs to prevent illness and make a healthy difference in people's lives.

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We make it easy to schedule your next appointment by phone or online (primary care only).

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Care Close to Home

Get health care when and where you need it. Whether you live in a city or rural area, you’ll find a wide range of care through Essentia. We have hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and assisted and independent living facilities available to help care for you.

We work hard to bring primary and specialty care to rural areas in the following ways:

  • Local clinics – Offer primary and specialty care from Essentia providers who live and work in your community
  • Outreach care – Specialty care from Essentia providers who visit your local clinic in person or via TeleVideo Exam More Information
  • Inreach care – Specialty care provided by non-Essentia doctors who visit your local clinic in person or via TeleVideo Exam More Information
  • Local hospitals – Offer 24/7 medical and surgical care to patients who are ill or injured. Care is delivered by Essentia providers and staff.

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to receive care from a specialist who is not available in your home community.

Telehealth appointments take place at your local clinic or hospital through secure interactive videoconferencing. You’ll feel like you are in the same room with your doctor, and there will be a caregiver in the exam room with you. You can expect the same high-quality care as you would receive during an in-person visit.

Telehealth can be used for services such as heart care, psychiatry, stroke care, or weight loss. You’ll save the time and expense of traveling long distances when you receive care via telehealth.

Talk to your doctor to find out if telehealth services are available at your local hospital or clinic for your condition. Telehealth services are covered by insurance.

Medical Insight: Telemedicine Video Transcript

A blue gradient featuring several Essentia Health logos appears. Text, Medical Insight.

SPEAKER: Welcome to Medical Insight, a weekly health care feature brought to you by the experts at Essentia Health.

The host, Maureen Talarico, speaks to the camera.

MAUREEN TALARICO: In today's Medical Insight, we talk about Telehealth.

Maureen Ideker, director of Telehealth, demonstrates a video conference with Dr. Smith, who is currently on the display. A large black webcam sits on top of the monitor.

MAUREEN IDEKER: Telehealth is interacting with the patient using secure broadband, linking the rural patient and the specialist. In this case, Dr. Smith, our specialist, is in International Falls. We schedule it the same way as an in-person visit. The only thing that's different is the provider is actually on the camera.

A provider speaks with a patient in front of the Telehealth system.

It isn't just that the patients in the metro setting in here in Duluth get a certain set of services available to them, this helps to equalize and bring out the services to wherever the patients are at Essentia. MAUREEN TALARICO: Dr. Smith talks to us about what it's like to see patients through Telehealth.

Dr. Tim Smith, child and adolescent psychiatrist, speaks to the camera through the Telehealth monitor display. He demonstrates sharing charts to a patient through the display.

TIM SMITH: I'm able to provide care in rural areas that will absolutely never have a child psychiatrist. And being able to provide care to a place that never would have this opportunity is really incredible. They get to go to their local clinic, they get to meet the staff that they're used to seeing. They sit down in a room that's just like any other room they would be in for a normal doctor's visit, and all of a sudden I pop up on the TV and we get to have a chance to talk where I'm comfortable and they're comfortable.

You can see what I see on my screen, and I can use that as a visual reference. There is a record and a chart, lab result, EKG. I can show those things to the patient and we can talk in real time about what I'm seeing on my screen, what they're seeing, and answer questions right there.

MAUREEN TALARICO: Essentia Health is now offering Telehealth to nearly 40 communities, with more than 30 sub-specialties. For Medical Insight, I'm Maureen Talarico.

SPEAKER: To learn more about this topic, call our experts at 786-3107.


Text, Medical Insight. Phone number, 218-786-3107. Website, essentia health dot org. The Essentia Health logo appears, consisting of three leaves in a circle. Text, Essentia Health. Here with you.

No-Appointment-Necessary Services

Essentia offers no-appointment-necessary services over the phone, online, and in person:

  • Nurse Care Line – 24/7 phone support for Essentia patients who want free medical advice from a registered nurse (RN)
  • E-Visits – 24/7 online care with a knowledgeable health care provider for more than 20 common conditions
  • Walk-in Care – Same-day care for minor illnesses and injuries that may require limited lab tests (some locations also offer X-rays)
  • Urgent Care – Same-day care for illnesses and injuries that are not life-threatening but may need X-rays and/or lab tests that require a blood draw.
  • Emergency Medicine – 24/7 same-day care for serious or life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention

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