New Fitness & Therapy Center


Why is the fitness and therapy center moving?

The Essentia Health Fitness & Therapy Center at 402 E. Second St. is moving because it is on the site of a replacement hospital bed tower, surgical suites and clinic space.

Where is the center moving?

The center is moving to the former Younkers department store in the Miller Hill Mall. The store will be remodeled to create a larger fitness and therapy center on half of the first floor.

When is the downtown center closing, and when will the new center open at the mall?

We’re remodeling the former department store, so we’re still working on a timeline. We expect the new center to open this fall.

What’s going to happen to staff?

All fitness and therapy staff will transfer to the new mall location.

What’s going to happen to the equipment?

Equipment will be moved to the new mall location and we’ll add more, thanks to having more space.

The downtown center is also used for physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation. What’s happening to those services?

The therapy center is moving to the mall location, where patients will find two larger gyms dedicated to serving them. The gyms will offer more privacy during appointments.

What are you going to do about fitness center memberships and day passes?

Fitness memberships and day passes will automatically transfer to the new mall location.

I have an annual membership. How do I get a refund for unused months?

Please talk with staff at the fitness center or call (218) 786-5400.

I’ve bought day passes that I won’t be able to use. How do I get a refund?

Please talk with staff at the fitness center or call (218) 786-5400.

How many members does the fitness center have?

We have around 4,500 members.

What is a medical fitness center?

Essentia Health offers a unique option: a medical fitness center. We not only help patients recover and rehabilitate but also offer them and our fitness members a safe place to exercise that’s staffed by medically trained professionals. We help patients continue to pursue wellness and fitness after treatment for heart attacks, strokes, brain injuries, cancer, orthopedic injuries and surgeries as well as other medical conditions.

Why not build another downtown fitness center as part of the construction project?

There is limited space on the downtown medical campus, especially with our large construction project, and the mall offers a location with plenty of free parking for members and patients.

Why not build another lap pool at the mall?

We know some fitness center members will be disappointed by not having a lap pool but there are pools in the community. We needed to prioritize our spending on medical services and equipment that form the core of what we do as a health care provider. You can find pools at these locations:

  • Duluth YMCA, 302 W. First St., Duluth
  • Superior YMCA, 9 N. 21st St., Superior
  • Ordean Middle School, 2900 E. Fourth St., Duluth
  • Lincoln Park Middle School, 3215 W. Third St., Duluth
  • Marcovich Wellness Center, University of Wisconsin Superior
  • Sports and Wellness Center, University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Another option will open later this year: the Essentia Wellness Center at Ugstad and Arrowhead roads in Hermantown.

What’s happening with the therapy pool?

Hydrotherapy is an important part of some patients’ rehabilitation, so we will have a therapy pool at the mall location.

Where does Essentia Health have other fitness centers?

We have fitness and therapy centers in at high schools in Esko and Maple.

I’m an Essentia Health employee and the fitness center is an easy and inexpensive option for me. What are my options now?

The new center at the mall will be open 105 hours a week, just like the current center, and open to employees. A small employee workout area also will be created in the Duluth Clinic’s Third Street Building on the downtown campus. Details on this new option will be communicated later.

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