Published on August 22, 2022

Essentia Health welcomes family medicine specialist Amanda Keough

The Essentia Health-Virginia Clinic is excited to welcome Amanda Keough, an advanced practice registered nurse and certified nurse practitioner specializing in family medicine.

Amanda Keough“I did most of my training at Essentia and was drawn to the fountain of expertise, the expanse of medical interventions offered and the palpable teamwork that permeated the workforce,” said Keough. “That’s why I chose to work here as a registered nurse and now as an APRN, CNP.”  

Keough received her education from Walden University in Minneapolis and is certified in family medicine.

“Patients and providers are part of a team, and I want to help my patients find balance in their lives – both with their definition of a good life and my definition of a healthy life,” said Keough. 

To schedule an appointment with Keough, please call (218) 305-0000.