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Ethan Morrical

Ethan Morrical

Obstetric Fellow, Essentia Health Duluth Clinic
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Why an OB Fellowship

I had a strong interest in surgery before medical school. Once in my clinicals, I greatly enjoyed OB and considered pursuing an OBGYN residency. However, I also took joy in the inpatient, outpatient, and ER settings (basically I liked everything!) and an unexpectedly great stint with a full spectrum family practice doc late in my third year sealed my career choice. I knew I could keep the surgical and obstetrics options open with C-sections even as a family physician, but several of my top picks for residency did not include C-section training. I was thrilled to match at my first choice in Traverse City, MI, but knew that it would require a fellowship afterwards if I continued a strong OB interest. This was the case, and so throughout my second and early in my third year I researched OB fellowships.

Future Practice/Practice Interests

I do not yet have a specific job lined up post-fellowship, but am looking for something very full-spectrum - ideally inpatient, outpatient, OB, and ER. I also have a strong international interest and have spent time in Kenya and Haiti most substantially. In any resource-limited setting, bringing a broad and flexible skillset is of great benefit.

Extra-Curricular Interests

I love the outdoors in all seasons and that is where you are most likely to find me if not in the hospital. I sail, paddleboard, cross country and downhill ski, bike, run, and more. Duluth has high quality options for year-round outdoor recreation. I also enjoy good food and have been known to dabble in gardening, and it is important to me to stay plugged in at a local church.

Why the OB Fellowship

Many OB fellowships dedicate most or all of their one year to strictly OB training. Essentia's more broad focus seems a better fit as I am training to be an FP-OB, not an OBGYN! The program has a great relationship with the Duluth Family Medicine Residency and there are opportunities to work with them in the outpatient and inpatient settings. I also like to teach, so I saw this as a particular strength. The Essentia program also includes dedicated ER and ICU months, both a boon to my future career plans. Finally, the concluding 3 months of the program being placed in a community actually doing what I'll be trained to do - e.g., be a full spectrum family practice physician - will be a great way to learn from and alongside colleagues with similar career paths.

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