Templates & Resources for Researchers

As you prepare research applications, use the tools and resources below for guidance. Adapt the templates to your specific study needs.

Before You Begin

If you are unsure if your project meets the definition of “research” or “human subjects research” or you require documentation of determination, use the Determination of Human Subjects Research Form [PDF].

Review the Bill of Rights for Research Participants [PDF].

Develop Your Study

Use the templates below to get the appropriate approval in advance for your research project.

Informed Consent Templates

HIPAA Template

HIPAA Authorization

Protocol Templates

Initial Review Board (IRB) Review

Review sample application sections to guide you as you prepare to submit a study. The documents below are copies—do not submit them.

Sample iRIS Application Forms for IRB Review

Use iRIS Quick Guides in the iRIS Help section to guide your application submission.

After IRB Approval

Use the Continuing Review Form [PDF] as a sample guide when preparing to submit a Continuing Review.

Administrative – Review Board Staff

If you are an administrative staff member, refer to the review checklists.

Submission Form Checklists

Review Board Checklist

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For more information about human research protections, scientific review, or institutional review tools, contact Deneice Kramer, human subjects protection program manager. Call 218-576-0489.

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