Transforming Dementia Care at Essentia


This project is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a pilot study for the broader goal of implementation and standardization of dementia diagnosis and care across Essentia. Led by Drs. Joe Bianco (Family Medicine), Mike Sharland (Neurology), and Steve Waring (EIRH), this initiative leverages decision support tools developed by the Essentia Memory Working Group that includes community dementia care support partners.

The Essentia project team includes Gwen Cressman, Alyssa Eidson, Sara McCumber, Margaret Holberg, Jane Rudd, Maribeth Horak, Laurie Hall, Nancy Dettle, Julie Neuman, Lisa Wilkinson, Allise Taran, Jeanette Palcher, and Paul Hitz.



For more information about a financial conflict of interest (FCOI), review the Essentia Health FCOI policy.

Last Updated: 12/29/2015

Research Study Categories

  • Healthcare Delivery Studies


  • Primary Care
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