Developing a Research Agenda for the SMMC Trauma Program with a Focus on Traumatic Brain Injury. Project 5: Pediatric Concussions


The highest incidence rates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the U.S. are among young children and adolescents. The management of TBIs in children is complex, and many factors can have an influence on how a child recovers. Pediatric concussions also have different needs compared to adult counterparts through the recovery process, as post-concussion symptoms may persist long after the injury. This can lead to problems later in life, including academic challenges, chronic behavior problems, lower participation in activities, and depression and other mental health diagnoses. The overall goal of this project is to describe outcomes from the Pediatric Concussion Evaluation and Management Program, which was introduced at Essentia Health in 2013. Specifically, the study will describe pediatric patient concussion population seen at Essentia Health, quantify outcomes for pediatric concussion patients, assess the effect of level of rurality on patient outcomes, and examine other risk factors that may be associated with patient outcomes.

Melissa Harry, PhD, is the Principal Investigator. Dr. Kristin Colling and Dr. Steven Eyer are Co-Investigators. 

Principal Investigator(s)
Melissa Harry, PhD, MSW, LGSW

Research Study Categories

  • Pediatric Studies


  • Trauma
Trauma Research Team at

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