Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) is a dressing system that applies continuous or intermittent sub-atmospheric pressure to the surface of a wound. Although NPWT was originally developed to support chronic wound healing, it is now used to manage most wounds and skin ulcers despite a lack of clinical trial evidence supporting the use of NWPT over traditional dressings for wounds. Complications stemming from the use of NPWT include bleeding and infection resulting in unnecessary surgeries. This retrospective study will describe outcomes for approximately 16,000 Essentia Health surgery patients who received NPWT or had a wound drain. The study will examine if NPWT, in the setting of infection, leads to more surgeries, more bleeding complications, relapsed or secondary infections, readmissions, and prolonged antibiotic therapy. 

Dr. Rajesh Prabhu is the Principal Investigator. Melissa Harry, PhD, is the Co-Investigator. 

Research Study Categories

  • Adult Studies
  • Pediatric Studies


  • Trauma
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