Falls in ED


Funded by the St. Mary’s Medical Center Foundation, this study will assess changes in falls and injurious falls (measured by hospital admissions) pre/post implementation of falls-risk assessment tool and corresponding interventions. The specific aims of this study are to 1) implement the Memorial ED Fall Risk Assessment Tool (MED-FRAT) within EPIC, 2) educate 300+ system ED nurses on ED Falls, the STRIDE Project, the MED-FRAT tool, and appropriate fall interventions, and 3) develop a methodology for measuring the impact of MED-FRAT and STRIDE on hospitalized patient falls. The research team for this study consists of Laura Kitch, Cathy McCarty, Steve Waring, Theo Woehrle and Allise Taran.



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Last Updated: 12/30/2015

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  • Trauma
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