Pediatric Concussions


The overall goal of this project is to describe outcomes from Dr. Kanoff’s Pediatric Concussion Evaluation and Management Program. Dr. Kanoff introduced a Pediatric Concussion Evaluation program at Essentia Health.

The specific aims for this study are to:

  1. Complete data entry for all pediatric patients seen in the Pediatric Concussion program through current date
  2. Describe pediatric patient concussion population seen at Essentia Health
  3. Quantify outcomes for pediatric concussion patients including ImPACT scores, school grades, return to play time, use of imaging. This study will include patients who:
    1. Are high school or younger
    2. Have had a concussive event within the last 72 hours receive an urgent appointment with Pediatric Neurology for evaluation and follow-up.

Cathy McCary and Dr. Richard Kanoff are Co-Investigators on this study.



For more information about a financial conflict of interest (FCOI), review the Essentia Health FCOI policy.

Last Updated: 12/30/2015

Research Study Categories

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  • Pediatric Healthcare Delivery Studies
  • Trauma
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