Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

To ensure bias-free research, Essentia Health requires physicians, scientists, nurses, assistants, and other professionals involved in clinical research trials and federally funded projects to share financial interests. If the financial interest may affect the clinical trial or project, it’s called a financial conflict of interest (FCOI).

FCOI Policy

View the Financial Conflict of Interest – Research policy [PDF] to help you understand the Essentia definition of financial interest and learn how financial conflicts of interest could affect research. The policy also includes an attachment with the FCOI Statement and Disclosure Questions Relating to Research questionnaire used to disclose financial interests.

FCOI Management

When there is a FCOI for a federally funded study or clinical research trial, the information is available on this web page in the financial interest tables below. As required for a federally funded study, it also is reported to the appropriate federal agency.

This web page is updated once a year and within sixty days of the identification of a new FCOI. The information will stay on the web site for at least three (3) years from the last update.

FCOI Relating to Research, Clinical Trials & Grants

EntityInvestigator's NameRoleValueNature of the Interest


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To learn more about financial conflict of interest, contact Essentia Health’s chief compliance officer. Call 218-786-3539.

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