CITI Program

Information to help you with registering and completing the courses, refresher courses, CITI training from other institutions, and additional contact information.

Registering and Completing the Courses

Quick Tips

  • There are 3 required training courses: One (1) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course, One (1) Human Subjects Research (HSR) course, and the Conflicts of Interest (COI) course.
  • Each course contains a number of modules and all Required Modules must be completed for each course. You may take the Optional Modules and/or any of the other courses available on CITI if you wish.
  • Each learning module has anywhere from 3-15 pages to read before completing the quiz at the end of each module.
  • Each quiz has anywhere from 2-8 multiple choice questions.
  • You can stop and start at anytime.

What Training Courses Should I Complete?

You must complete all required modules in the following three courses in CITI:

  • One (1) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) course
  • One (1) Human Subjects Research (HSR) course
  • The Conflicts of Interest (COI) course

What Should I Do if I Forget My Login Information?

If you forget your user name or password, follow the "Forgot login information" instructions on the CITI website.

Is There a Minimum Score to Pass a Quiz? May I Repeat a Module if I Do Not Pass the Quiz the First Time?

You must score a minimum of 80% on each quiz in order to pass, and move on to the next quiz. You may repeat a quiz as many times as it takes in order to achieve a passing score.

How Do I Obtain a Certificate of Completion?

After you finish all the required modules in a course, CITI will issue a completion report that is available to print from the main menu after you log in to CITI. CITI training certificates will be directly submitted to EIRH via the CITI program.

Refresher Course

How Often is the Training Required?

You are required to renew your CITI training every three years by taking the relevant refresher course(s).

How Do I Complete The Refresher Course?

After you log into the CITI site, the refresher course will appear in your grade book (e.g. the “My Courses” section). Click "Enter" to begin.

CITI Training From Other Institutions

What if I have completed CITI training at another institution?

This training may be valid at Essentia Health. To see if courses are eligible for transfer, log on to the CITI site and add Essentia Institute of Rural Health as an affiliate institution.

CITI will review the modules you previously completed and the date(s) on which you took them. CITI will ask you to complete any modules required by Essentia Health that were not required by your previous institution and/or modules that are no longer eligible to be transferred.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions?

General Contact Information:

Deneice Kramer
Compliance Manager-Human Research Protection Program
Email Deneice Kramer

Cathy Murray
Compliance Specialist, IRB 
Email Cathy Murray

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