Clinical Research

Clinical research studies through the Essentia Institute of Rural Health (EIRH) allow physicians and researchers to test advanced investigational treatments, medications, and medical devices for safety and effectiveness before approval for public use.

EIRH collaborates with other top health care and educational institutions on clinical trials, including Duke University, Mayo Clinic, and University of Minnesota, as well as local hospitals and universities.

Certified Research Staff

Our research team includes research nurses, research assistants, physicians, scientists, biostatisticians, and allied health care partners.

Certified investigators and research staff must complete federally required good clinical practice and research participant protection training. The Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) and the Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) certify many members of the EIRH research team.

Patient Eligibility Criteria

Each study protocol has guidelines, called eligibility criteria, for determining who can participate. Criteria differ for each study and help researchers achieve accurate and meaningful results.

Referring a Patient

Your doctor may receive a recommendation from a research nurse who has screened your chart for a clinical research study. Your doctor will talk to you about the research opportunity and ask about your in participating.

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