About Essentia Institute of Rural Health

The Essentia Institute of Rural Health (EIRH) is the research and education center of Essentia Health.

EIRH History

In 1978, the former Duluth Clinic and SMDC Health System—now part of Essentia Health—joined cancer clinical trials through the North Central Cancer Treatment Group funded by the National Cancer Institute. The same year, an IRB and other research infrastructure were created.

In 1990, SMDC established a formal research division to perform clinical, translational, and health services research.

On January 1, 2010, the Essentia Health established the Essentia Institute of Rural Health (EIRH), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Mission, Vision, & Values

EIRH shares Essentia Health’s mission, vision, and values. Through collaborative research, education, discovery, and learning, we support and achieve its aspirational aims of:

  • Engaged and inspired people
  • Zero preventable harm
  • Achieve health and vitality with our communities

Support for Rural Health Services Research

Essential Health provides access to a large rural patient population across Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, and Idaho for EIRH health services research. The four-state service area includes two million people; approximately 40 percent are Essentia affiliated patients.

Essentia Health makes health care more accessible to the rural communities it serves.

Our Research Staff & Support

EIRH research staff in Duluth, Minnesota includes:

    • Certified research staff
      • Research nurses
      • Research assistants
      • Nurse practitioners
    • Research scientists
    • Institutional Review Board
    • Scientific Review Board
    • Regulatory personnel
    • Biostatisticians and informaticists
    • Grants and contract management specialists
    • Project staff
    • Submission regulatory specialist
    • Finance department, including a research billing compliance program

    EIRH Research Partners

    EIRH conduct collaborative research projects with national research networks and organizations including:

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