Senior Living Facility Visitor Information

Essentia Health staff are doing everything we can to keep residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities safe. We recognize how important family members and other loved ones are to the well-being of our residents and we’re working under the state health guidelines to offer visitation within our facilities when it’s appropriate and safe.

Indoor Visits

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has outlined levels of visitation and activities to guide long-term care facilities in Minnesota in adjusting restrictions while maintaining high standards for COVID-19 safety for residents, staff and visitors. This includes guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Minnesota Department of Health.

Visitation Status & Activity Levels

General visitation "Restricted"

Active cases of COVID-19 within the facility or an exposure from a COVID-19 within the facility in the past 28 days.

  • Indoor visitation is not allowed except for essential caregivers and those who are providing compassionate care.
  • Outdoor visits are allowed.
  • Window visits are allowed.

General visitation "Allowed" with restrictions

No active cases of COVID-19 within the facility, no exposure to COVID-19 within the facility in the past 14 days, and the county positivity rate is below 10%.

  • Indoor visitation is allowed by appointment.
  • Visitors must wear and follow proper mask use use. Gators and bandanas will not be allowed.
  • Visitation must occur in the resident’s room, apartment, or other designated space.
  • All visitors will be screened.
  • Visitors must maintain six feet social distance, when possible.
  • A wave is the safest way to greet a resident.
  • Visitors will be required to perform frequent hand hygiene.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by the adults who bring them. All children must comply with social distancing and wear a face covering.
  • We do not recommend visitation by children under age 2.
  • Visitors should not bring food or beverages to consume while in the facility.

Tips for Wearing a Mask

Learn the do's and don'ts of wearing your mask. 

Masking at Essentia Health Video Transcript

The Essentia Health logo appears, consisting of three leaves in a circle.

SPEAKER 1: At Essentia Health. You can do your part to protect yourself, your health care providers and other patients by washing your hands, practicing social distancing, and wearing your mask properly.

Tips for Wearing a Mask

When putting your mask on be sure to use the mask ties or ear straps to put it on and take it off. Find the type of mask that works for you. Make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth as well as fits close under your chin. Encourage others to wear a mask. And wash the mask each time you use it. When wearing your mask do not-- wear a dirty or damaged mask, wear the mask below your nose, leave your chin uncovered, pull the mask down under your chin, touch the front of the mask, share your mask with other people, or wear a surgical or N95 mask unless you have to wear one at work.

Who should not wear a mask?

Note, people who do not need to wear a mask include children under the age of two or anyone needing help to remove their mask.

The Essentia Health logo appears, consisting of three leaves in a circle.

Please keep your mask on the entire time you're at Essentia Health. Do not take it off in the exam room unless told otherwise by your provider.

Minnesota, Stay Safe MN, Minnesota Department of Health, health dot mn dot gov, 651-201-5000, Contact health dot communications @ state dot mn dot u. s. to request an alternate format. 08/18/2020

With your help, we can keep you and your provider safe. Thank you.

Essentia Health Senior Living Facility Indoor Visitation Statuses

Visiting days, hours and requirements vary by facility. Please call the phone number listed by each facility below for a recorded message listing detailed visitation information specific to each facility. Please note the visitation line does not accept messages.

Below is the current status of visitation for Essentia Health facility. Please check back frequently, as the visitation status can change. Please do not call the facility directly to ask about visitation status, as visitation status can change day-to-day.

Long-term Care

Facility City, State General Visitation Visitation Line
Living Center Fosston, MN loading status 218-435-7080
Grace Home Graceville, MN loading status 320-748-8225
Homestead Deer River, MN loading status 218-246-4277
Northern Pines Aurora, MN loading status 218-229-4280
Oak Crossing Detroit Lakes, MN loading status 218-314-7499
Virginia Care Center Virginia, MN loading status 218-748-7700

Assisted Living

Facility City, State General Visitation Visitation Line
Lincoln Park Detroit Lakes, MN loading status 218-314-7599
Grace Village Graceville, MN loading status 320-748-8244
Prairie Pines Community Fosston, MN loading status 218-435-7180

Senior Housing/Independent Living

Facility City, State General Visitation Visitation Line
Comstock Court Deer River, MN loading status 218-246-4473
Lincoln Park Senior Apartments Detroit Lakes, MN loading status 218-314-7599
Winchester Senior Apartments Detroit Lakes, MN loading status 218-314-7599

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