Application & Hiring Process

If you are ready to take the next steps to join the Essentia Health team, find answers to your questions about online applications and the hiring process. If you are a physician or advanced practitioner contact one of our recruiters.

Application Process

Is there a cut off to apply to a job posting?

Most job postings remain on the website until filled. Candidates can actively apply to a job posting as long as it is advertised on our website, however, first consideration may be given in date of applied order.

Can I apply to multiple job postings?

For consideration, you must submit an application online to the specific job posting(s) you are interested in. If you are interested in multiple job postings, you must submit individual applications to all those job postings.

How will I know if Essentia Health receives my application?

You will receive an on-screen confirmation indicating you successfully applied, as well as an email stating the same.

How do I find the status of my application?

Essentia Health tries its best to review and process applications in a timely manner. You will receive emails updating you of your application status as it is processed. Please refer to these emails for the most up-to-date status information. Notifications of status updates would be emailed at key points of the application process:

  • Application submission confirmation
  • Application under review
  • Interview selection confirmation
  • Application decline/Position filled

How do I know if I am selected for an interview?

If your application is reviewed and you are selected for an interview, an Essentia Health representative will call you to schedule an interview.

Why haven't I been called for an interview?

Essentia Health staff carefully review their applicant pools, however there may be reasons one is not contacted:

  • Apply only for positions for which you meet the minimum qualifications. If you meet the minimum qualifications, it's possible there are other applicants with knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience that more closely match the needs of the position.
  • If there are many applicants in a pool, first consideration may be given in date of applied order.
  • Positions are filled internally.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Can I submit a paper resume or application?

No. Essentia Health's application process is online only. All applications must be submitted electronically via our applicant tracking system, Workday.

Do I have to submit a resume?

Yes. Resumes/CVs are required for every application you submit. You will be able to upload your Resume/CV in the application process.

Can I update a resume or cover letter after I've submitted my application?

Once an application is submitted, you are not able to update the information that was submitted. Please ensure that you are attaching your correct Resume/CV & Cover Letter before you submit your application.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

Use a general greeting, such as "Dear Hiring Manager." If you have established contact with someone specific, you may address the cover letter to that individual.

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