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  • Tips for a healthy and peace filled Holiday season 11/29/2018

    We all love the holidays but most of us find it’s also a very hectic time of year, often too hectic leaving us tired and cranky. We don’t want that! So, how do we maintain our health and sanity and truly find peace and joy in the season?

  • You can make a healthy hotdish 11/12/2018

    Hotdish, the unofficial state cuisine of Minnesota, is a staple in households across the Upper Midwest. Other places may call this a casserole. Some would say hotdish is not a specific food but a memory.

  • Turkey and so much more 10/29/2018

    November, what a great time of year to be thankful. Thankful for the harvest, the cooler weather and warm cozy sweaters, comfort food and most importantly family, friends and our many blessings. As much as I love my family and friends let’s get back to the food part for now!

  • Wonderful Winter Squash! 10/1/2018

    With fall upon us, now is a great time to add sweet rich flavored winter squash to your meals and snacks. There are many different varieties of winter squash, some of the more common ones in our area include acorn, butternut and hubbard.

  • No two days of oatmeal need to taste the same 9/18/2018

    With cool fall weather on the horizon, putting oatmeal back on the menu is a healthy, warming idea.

  • Get the Scoop on Caffeine 9/13/2018

    A morning dose of coffee or tea is often a must to get us going before the light of day. Many people look forward to that energy jolt from caffeine.

  • Fall for Apples 9/11/2018

    With Fall just around the corner our minds start drifting towards bonfires and hot apple cider. Apples are a favorite for many people. In fact, Americans consume 44 pounds of apples per person, each year. We are lucky to have so many orchards right here in Minnesota.

  • Make a plan to have a healthy Breakfast 8/21/2018

    This a prime time to organize our breakfast plans. We’re back from vacation and setting up routines for work and the upcoming school year.

  • Fair Food Frenzy 2018 8/6/2018

    With the Minnesota State Fair just around the corner, the question is what is a foodie to look forward to?

  • Go beyond tomatoes with fresh salsas 8/2/2018

    The heart of summer brings delicious fruits and vegetables from our gardens, farmers markets and the overflowing produce departments at local grocery stores.

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Page of 7, showing pages 1-10 of 65