Published on May 28, 2021

Essentia Health moving COVID-19 vaccination operations to clinical setting

After more than five months of being operational Essentia has administered more than 35,000 vaccinations at the Miller Hill Mall location. In total, our mass vaccination efforts, which started in the St. Mary’s Medical Center auditorium before moving to the mall, have resulted in more than 47,000 vaccinations being given going back to December 17, 2020. As Minnesota surpasses more than 2.5 million people vaccinated, Essentia Health is aiming to transition out of the mass vaccination site at the Miller Hill Mall and will discontinue operations there at the end of the day June 12.

After thorough evaluation it was determined the mass vaccination site was no longer needed, due to declining demand for the vaccine. Planning and preparation has been ongoing to determine the best way to normalize and continue delivery of the vaccine in the most efficient manner for our patients.

Right now, the Miller Hill Mall location is primarily offering second dose vaccinations but will still administer the first dose and help schedule the second dose through June 12.

Patients can schedule a vaccination through the MyChart Patient Portal, by calling (833) 494-0836 or receive it during a clinical visit.

By the first week of June, we anticipate the COVID-19 vaccine will be offered in all of our primary care clinics. The change makes the vaccine available at more locations, allowing patients to receive the shot from their primary care providers in a private and familiar setting.

Across Essentia’s system in Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota, more than 167,000 vaccinations have been administered.