Published on October 28, 2021

All of Us’ Research Program opens new site at Essentia Health-West Acres Clinic

The All of Us Research Program is excited to open a new site at the Essentia Health-West Acres Clinic in Fargo. After more than a year of closures, the clinic will now allow more than 100 participants to complete their enrollment visits and contribute data to help researchers learn more about how genetics, environment and lifestyle factors affect health outcomes.

The All of Us Research Program partnered with Essentia in 2018, and more than 1,200 participants enrolled locally. Right now, more than 730 research projects are ongoing. The goal of the nationwide program is to build a diverse community of at least one million participants to contribute data and fuel advancements in precision health care. It prioritizes inclusion of communities that were previously underrepresented in health research, including racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, rural residents and those age 65 and older, among others.

“Opening up the new site in Fargo is exciting because the program is growing and giving more people the opportunity to participate,” says Amanuel Bahru, Fargo-based research project coordinator. “People who participate may learn a bit more about their own health and will have the opportunity to contribute to research that may improve the health of others.”

Interested participants — anyone older than age 18 — can enroll online. Participants will provide consent, complete a few basic surveys and attend a one-time, in-person visit to take physical measurements and collect blood and urine samples. Participants can choose to receive information collected from their biospecimen samples. Participation is free and does not require health insurance. Enrollment visits are conducted Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the West Acres Mall.

Essentia primarily serves rural areas, which will help researchers better understand rural health. By studying diverse groups, researchers will learn more about what makes people sick, keeps them healthy and work to continue our mission to achieve health and vitality with our communities.
To learn more or enroll, visit or call (877) 340-8058.

To coordinate interviews, photos, and/or video, contact the media relations team.

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