Published on June 03, 2020

Polinsky rehabilitation center will move to Miller Hill Mall

Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center is moving to Essentia Health’s Miller Hill Health Plaza. The relocation will allow the Northland’s largest health care provider to expand services to its patients at a convenient location with free parking.

The rehabilitation clinic will move from its current location at 530 E. Second St. to the second floor of the former Younkers department store on July 13. Remodeling is now underway.

The 31,787-square-foot clinic will offer new equipment and new spaces designed for the latest treatment approaches and therapies for children and adults. With 33 percent more space, the clinic will expand its treatments and services for patients with neurological conditions and developmental diagnoses. All current staff will transfer to the new location.

“Our dedicated staff worked diligently to design a space that brings the best treatments and therapies to our patients,” says Robyn Hautala, manager of Polinsky’s pediatric rehabilitation services. “We’re eager to share them with people in our community.”

“We want to make our patients’ transition to our new rehabilitation center seamless,” says Janelle Fresvik, manager of Polinsky’s adult rehabilitation services. “Patients can expect the same high quality of care in new areas designed for the latest treatment approaches and therapies. They’ll find their same dedicated care team working to help them reach their rehabilitation goals.”

Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center has served patients and their families for 69 years. The center offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, tailoring its care to each individual. Common diagnoses in adults are stroke, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. For children, common diagnoses include autism, cerebral palsy and traumatic injuries.

Polinsky offers evaluations, as well as multidisciplinary therapy, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy and rehabilitation psychology. The center also leads support groups and advocates for patients and their families.

The new center has received more than $1.7 million in support from donors to the Miller-Dwan Foundation.

The rehabilitation center joins Essentia Health’s Center for Personal Fitness and the Therapy and Performance Center, which both moved into the Health Plaza last fall.

Polinsky Fact Sheet

Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center is moving to the Essentia Health-Miller Hill Health Plaza.

Our new clinic is being built on the second floor of the former Younkers department store.

Our dedicated staff worked diligently to design a space that brings the best treatments and therapies to our patients. We’re eager to share them with you and your family. The mall location offers free and convenient parking along with easy elevator access to our center.

We will begin offering appointments in our new larger clinic on July 13. Your appointments will automatically transfer, and you’ll continue to see your same rehabilitation team. We want to make your transition to our new center as easy as possible.

New Programming and Equipment for Adults

  • Driving simulator for a comprehensive driving assessment program
  • Larger apartment to practice daily living activities such as cooking, bathing and dressing
  • Computer/assistive technology lab
  • Dynamic body weight support system for gait training
  • Expanded psychology suite
  • Expanded voice therapy
  • Dedicated space for wheelchair and equipment assessments
  • Larger waiting room with a resource library on community programs and services
  • Access to the nearby Center for Personal Fitness for pool therapy as well as return to fitness activities after therapy

New Programming and Equipment for Children and Teens 

  • Indoor playground with equipment that matches local outdoor playgrounds so children can practice and learn skills that translate to their real-world experiences.
  • Larger sensory gym with noisy and quiet zones for improved sensory integration therapy. Gym offers a climbing wall, larger ball pit with a zip line, and monkey bars for more opportunities to move in space and strengthen upper bodies
  • Three smaller sensory gyms designed for specific ages: toddler, preschool and school-age
  • Playrooms that can be observed from child psychology rooms to allow for parent-child interaction therapy as well as behavioral analysis and therapy
  • Cameras in treatment rooms that allow caregivers to observe therapy from the waiting room on a computer tablet with headphones
  • Larger kitchen for feeding groups, social groups and more interaction between children
    Improved infant feeding assessment area with a comfortable recliner for mothers and caregivers
  • Incontinence program for children with biofeedback equipment
  • Psychology suite for improved care in a quiet and calm environment
  • Dedicated space for wheelchair and equipment evaluations
  • Two ceiling lifts for more opportunities to walk along the floor and on the treadmill
  • Music and lighting to create calming or alerting environments in gyms and main waiting room
  • Private sensory-friendly waiting room
  • Bathroom with adjustable changing table to aid caregivers and a private place for older children and adolescents
  • Access to the nearby Center for Personal Fitness for pool therapy and fitness activities for teens
  • Real-world training in nearby mall locations, which can be a challenge for children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, ADHD or mobility differences

Miller Hill Health Plaza
Polinsky Medical Rehabiliation Center
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Phone: (218) 786-5360

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