Published on July 28, 2020

Essentia Health providers honored for excellence

Each year, Essentia Health contracts with Professional Research Consultants (PRC) to randomly survey patients about their experiences in its hospitals and clinics. PRC uses results from these surveys to rank Essentia physicians, staff and facilities within its national database of approximately 400 healthcare organizations. The 2020 awards are based on patient surveys conducted throughout 2019.

In Essentia’s West Market, which encompasses eastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, two physicians received PRC’s Top Performer Award meaning they scored at or above the 100th percentile for overall quality of care. Top Performers include:

  • Kimberly Kolkhorst, DO  |  Gastroenterology  |  Fargo
  • Zena Homan, MD  |  Obstetrics and Gynecology  |  Fargo

Across the Essentia Health system, six physicians and advanced practitioners were named Top Performers.

Additional honors were awarded to the following:

5-Star Award: Scoring in the top 10 percent (at or above the 90th percentile) of PRC national client database for percentage of patients who rate the overall quality of care by the clinic/facility or unit/provider as “Excellent.”

  • Allen Hager, DC  |  Chiropractic Care  |  Fargo
  • Kimberly Kelly, MD  |  Dermatology  |  Fargo
  • Abigail Ring, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Anita Jonason, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Bruce Larson, PA-C  |  Family Medicine  |  Lisbon
  • Darren Swanson, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Fosston
  • Richard Vetter, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Shanna Hendrickson, CNP  |  Family Medicine  |  Frazee
  • Stuart Topley, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Jordana Miller, CNP  |  General Surgery  |  Fargo
  • Duane Strand, MD  |  Internal Medicine  |  Wahpeton
  • Elisha Anderson, CNP  |  Internal Medicine  |  Wahpeton
  • Curtis Penney, DO  |  Neurology  |  Fargo
  • Crystal Knutson, PA-C  |  Neurosurgery  |  Fargo
  • Christa Howell, CNM  |  Obstetrics and Gynecology  |  Fargo
  • Stefanie Gefroh Ellison, MD  | Obstetrics and Gynecology  |  Fargo
  • Shila Lampl, OD  |  Ophthalmology  |  Wahpeton
  • Francis Cormier, MD  |  Orthopedic Surgery  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Myra Quanrud, MD  |  Pediatrics  |  Jamestown
  • RaNae Doll, MD  |  Pediatrics  |  Park Rapids

The following hospital units also received a 5-Star Award in Overall Quality of Care:

  • Essentia Health St. Mary’s-Detroit Lakes Medical/Surgical Services
  • Essentia Health-Fargo Inpatient Observation CEU
  • Essentia Health-Graceville Holy Trinity Hospital -Emergency Department, Graceville

4-Star Award: Scoring in the top 25 percent (75th through 89th percentiles) for percentage of patients rating the overall quality of care of the unit/clinic/provider as “Excellent.”

  • Allison Klug, DC  |  Chiropractic Care  |  Fargo
  • Alan Bruns, MD  |  Ear, Nose and Throat  |  Fargo
  • Carmen Mittleider, CNP  |  Family Medicine  |  Jamestown
  • Chentel Dangerud, PA-C  |  Family Medicine  |  Ada
  • Jana Sundeen, CNP  |  Family Medicine  |  Pelican Rapids
  • Jessica Lindblom, CNP  |  Family Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Jessica Kleindl, CNP  |  Family Medicine  |  Graceville
  • Joel Haugen, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Julie Pazdernik, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Katherine Neubauer, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Neil Jonason, MD  |  Family Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Michael Sheldon, MD  |  Internal Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Shivan Kulasingham, MD  |  Internal Medicine  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Thomas Kempf, MD  |  Internal Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Walter Johnson, MD  |  Internal Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Andrew Volin, CNP  |  Neurology  |  Fargo
  • James Christensen, MD  |  Obstetrics and Gynecology  |  Detroit Lakes
  • Prasad Sawardeker, MD  |  Orthopedics  and Sports Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Razvan Nicolescu, MD  |  Orthopedics and Sports Medicine  |  Fargo
  • Christopher DeCock, MD  |  Pediatric Neurology  |  Fargo
  • Bangalore Vijayalakshmi, MD  |  Physiatry  |  Fargo
  • Pamela Antoniuk, MD  |  Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  |  Fargo
  • Joni Buechler-Price, MD  |  Radiation Oncology  |  Fargo

The following hospital units also received a 4-Star Award in Overall Quality of Care:

  • Essentia Health-Ada Emergency Department
  • Essentia Health-Fargo Inpatient Services
  • Essentia Health St. Mary’s-Detroit Lakes Inpatient Services

“The kindness and compassion with which our physicians and providers deliver their care to our patients is the basis for the healing they provide each and every day,” said Essentia Health CEO David C. Herman, MD. “This recognition, although not the reason for their caring manner, is an important demonstration of the gratitude and appreciation their patients feel for their care. I am inspired by their work, and proud and humbled to have them as colleagues.”

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