Published on November 01, 2019

Matter of Balance class at Essentia Health-Sandstone aims to address fear of falling

An upcoming Matter of Balance class at Essentia Health-Sandstone (109 Court Avenue South) will address the fear of falling among older adults.

Matter of Balance uses various activities — group discussion, problem-solving, skill-building, assertiveness training, videotapes and exercise training — to tackle the fear of falling and teach prevention strategies.

“Matter of Balance classes are so valuable for our older adults,” said Leah Jarvis, department coordinator at Essentia Health-Sandstone. “We do our best to provide class attendees with the education they need to be confident and comfortable in their own homes and their daily routines. Falling is a very real fear for many older adults, so these classes are designed to mitigate that fear in a practical way.”

The eight-week program starts Thursday, Nov. 7, and consists of a single two-hour session per week. Early on, the focus is changing attitudes before transitioning to changing behaviors. The program is designed to benefit older adults who:

  • Are concerned about falls
  • Have sustained falls in the past
  • Restrict activities because of falling concerns
  • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength
  • Are age 60 or older, community-dwelling and able to problem-solve

Attendees will gain confidence by learning to: view falls as avoidable; set goals for increased activity; make changes to reduce fall risk at home; and exercise to increase strength and balance.

For more information, contact Essentia Health-Sandstone dietary supervisor Tanya Christopherson at (320) 245-3212 or

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