Published on January 30, 2017

Fulfilling Our Mission, One Dream at a Time

Making a healthy difference in someone's life can often be a simple gesture. And that was the case when Pediatrician Dr. Nancy Monaghan Beery recently met with an aspiring young physician and her mother.

Five-year-old Olivia Lundquist saw Dr. Beery last month at the Essentia Health-Duluth Clinic when her mom, Gloria Lundquist, brought her in for a sore throat.

"We have always loved Dr. Beery and appreciated how she takes time for us , no matter how busy she is. This last visit explains exactly what kind of doctor she is," Gloria says. "Olivia has always wanted to be a doctor. She asked if she could wear her doctor outfit and bring her toy medical kit to the appointment. When Dr. Beery came into the room, she made a big deal about Olivia's outfit and how she wants to be a doctor. She told her that she's excited for her to be a doctor so one day they can work together. She also added a few things to Olivia's medical kit, which completely made her day."

Olivia has wanted to be a doctor since she was age 3, Gloria says. "She likes Dr. Beery and I think that's what started it all. She looks up to her," says Gloria, a busy mother of four who lives in Superior. "As Olivia's mom, it's important to me that Dr. Beery supports her dreams. I also appreciate that she's a real person, not just a doctor. She takes time to talk to the kids and get to know them."

When it comes to encouraging the aspirations of young patients, Dr. Beery's bedside manner brings a sense of joy while reflecting Essentia's values of hospitality and respect. "I really feel fortunate that I have such lovely patients and families who come here to our clinic," Dr. Beery says. "I try to help children feel comfortable, even when they're sick."

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