Published on May 17, 2022

Welcome to the Essentia Health Newsroom

Today’s launch of this site culminates nearly a year of planning and preparation. We started with a simple yet ambitious premise — to create a platform that would allow us to celebrate the amazing and life-changing work that occurs daily at Essentia Health. And we couldn’t be more excited to see it finally come to fruition.

Too often in the past we would encounter a wonderful story about superb patient care, a promising new treatment or an innovative technological solution, and not have an effective means of telling that story. This website, with all of its multi-media components, aims to change that.

“This will be a fantastic tool for us to showcase so much of the good that happens at Essentia in a user-friendly and easily digestible format,” said External Communications Manager Louie St. George. “From Jamestown to Ashland, and all points in between, there are compelling stories to tell.”

Maintained by Essentia’s communications team, the Newsroom will feature in-depth storytelling across a variety of mediums, including video and podcasts. Beyond patient stories, we’ll discuss the latest COVID-19 trends, share healthy advice, spotlight colleagues and call attention to timely topics — frostbite remedies in December or UV protection in July, for example. The goal is infotainment, to both inform and entertain our communities and our colleagues.

To maximize the effectiveness of this site, we invite our colleagues to share their teams’ successes with us. And, of course, we hope you stop by often. Fresh content will be added almost daily. This week, for example, we’ll look at Essentia’s sponsorship of the prestigious Fargo Marathon; share some tips and tricks for anyone running one of the races this week; and introduce you to a Duluth man who is beyond thankful for the immediate and expert care he received from Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center’s award-winning stroke team.

So, please, follow along. Bookmark this site and, if a story stands out, forward it to others.

We’re excited to get to work.