Published on April 01, 2022

Essentia running evaluations offer injured runners a path back

As training intensifies ahead of Essentia Health Fargo Marathon, injury risks increase

running-treadmillMany individuals who run regularly will suffer a running-related injury at some point in their lives. Therefore, the physical therapy department at Essentia Health is proud to offer running evaluations to help injured runners successfully return to the activity they love.

Essentia is especially proud to highlight this service ahead of the Fargo Marathon, which is set to take place in May and of which Essentia is the title sponsor.

“Running continues to be one of the most popular forms of exercise, but faulty mechanics can result in injury,” said Essentia physical therapist Ruth Ann Halls. “Through physical therapy evaluations of these injuries, including video analysis of running form, we can help our injured patients make a successful return to running and provide them with the necessary information to prevent future injuries so they can continue to do what they love.”

View Essentia's Marathon Minute video to hear physical therapist Ruth Ann Halls discuss marathoning, how to avoid injury and running evaluations.

During a 90-minute evaluation, the physical therapist begins by reviewing the patient’s medical and running history, then completes a physical examination to determine the patient’s flexibility, strength and functional mobility.

The therapist will then film the patient walking and running on a treadmill at various angles to assess their form and identify movement abnormalities. The therapist subsequently reviews the video with the patient and provides recommendations to remedy their injury, modify their gait, instructs the patient in corrective exercises and offers training suggestions.

The goal is to reduce injury risk and optimize performance.

If you are an injured runner, call (701) 364-3000 to schedule a running evaluation with one of Essentia Health’s physical therapists.

If you are a member of the media interested in speaking to one of our physical therapists about running evaluations, please email Kelsey Mix.

The Essentia Health Fargo Marathon, North Dakota’s preeminent health-related event, is May 21.