Published on July 30, 2021

Essentia Health makes it easy to access COVID vaccine status

In an effort to make it easier for our patients to access their COVID-19 vaccine status, Essentia Health today unveiled a new feature that will make that information readily available via the MyChart patient portal.

This functionality is increasingly important as requests for proof of vaccination become more prevalent. For example, fully vaccinated people will be able to cross the Canadian border starting Aug. 9; some colleges will require a COVID-19 vaccine this fall; and many employers are considering a vaccine mandate of their own.

Essentia, like other health care systems, has experienced an uptick in patients asking for a report of their vaccine status. This will put that process right at their fingertips.

“The COVID-19 vaccine and testing report is an exciting new feature that provides our patients with an official attestation document right in MyChart,” said Dr. Sarah Manney, chief medical information officer at Essentia. “Patients will be able to use this for travel, school, work or any activity where proof of COVID vaccination or negative COVID status is needed. Essentia Health is committed to providing our patients with easy access to their medical record through their MyChart portal.

“We encourage all our patients and community members to receive the COVID vaccine, which is especially important as the Delta variant threatens to undo so much of the progress we’ve made against this pandemic.”

In MyChart, patients can see and present their vaccination status, as well as results from their last five COVID tests. Patients also can download and print off their vaccination documentation.